BlackRa1n Plus Blacksn0w: Unlock Any iPhone in Seconds

Superstar iPhone hacker George Hotz has just released Blacksn0w, an addition to his latest Blackra1n iPhone jailbreaking application. Why would you want it? Because it will take any iPhone or iPod Touch and jailbreak it with one click. It will also unlock any iPhone and allow it to be used on any cell carrier, anywhere in the world. It even restores internet connection tethering for iPhones running the latest 3.1.2 software.

Better still, it does all this in a few seconds flat.

George Hotz, you may remember, became infamous after achieving the first ever iPhone unlock using a soldering iron and some 1337 skills. Now he has styled himself as some kind of angel from a Caravaggio painting (see picture above) but he has also provided the easiest iPhone hack we have yet used. I tried it out on my iPod Touch. Here’s the how-to: Download the software (Mac or Windows). Run it. Wait a few seconds. Let the iPod reboot. You’re done.

GeoHot is asking for donations, but the app is free if you like. I’m going to use it to add enough background-running applications to drain the battery in mere minutes. IPhone users, with the carrier unlock and the tethering support, may find it more useful.

Product page [Blackra1n]

blacksn0w is live [On the iPhone]

Vía Wired



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